View Full Version : Photoshopping with a sense of humour!

Wind Dancer
15-07-2014, 23:49
After an appalling selfie attempt, this guy thought it would be wise to ask internet users to photoshop the sun between his fingers, in order to rectify his abysmal skills with a phone camera. The results, as you’d expect, are hilarious. Poor guy.. :lol-053::lol-053::lol-053:

One Of The Funniest Photoshop Trollings We've Seen | Uni Lad (http://uniladmag.com/articles/one-funniest-photoshop-trollings-weve-seen/)

Sharon the Cat
16-07-2014, 10:26
Years ago I was a a member of a web-techie forum that no longer exists. Every month they had an image competition. Starting with a basic image, you could let your imagination & Photoshop run riot, great fun.
There are lots of free image editing programmes out there, anyone on here fancy a go?

Wind Dancer
16-07-2014, 18:38
That sounds like a great idea! I may not be much good at creating, but I'd be very entertained by the other contributions :D