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22-07-2014, 19:31
Used to visit the primary school at Easdale and was thinking of going back there. Lovely place.

Read a couple of threads about stopping in the carpark in Easdale, but the threads were a bit old.

Anyone stopped there recently? How was it?

And what about wilding in Oban?

22-07-2014, 21:29
Never been to Easdale ,but there always seem to be M/H's parked up on the Esplanade in Oban.

23-07-2014, 09:08
They have some motorhome spaces down at the car park across from Tesco's or the car park up at McCaigs tower and also at the sports centre just a3 min walk from the town

23-07-2014, 16:08
Should have said that it's overnighting that we want

23-07-2014, 16:16
The best places to overnight are at the kerrera ferry and probably at Fearnoch forest about 9miles before Oban if coming from Tyndrum way. We often use that and get up and into Oban early as it gets busy and hard to find a parking spot. After a wander around and getting some seafood from the green hut on the pier (the best in Oban) we head out to Ganavan sands and park up all day by the beach. There are toilets and a water tap there but you cant overnight there.

We have never tried overnighting in Oban as we tend to stay away from busy places at night so we can get a good sleep. If I remember there was a post about a cs site offering a cheap rate to wild camping members a couple of miles outside Oban.

Used to go to Easdale quite often..there were no problems parking in the old quarry carpark as long as you didn't go down to the far end near the house with the big conservatory. Mind you it has been a couple of years since we were last there but found most of the locals friendly once they knew you were spending some money in the locality but I would pay the guy with the big junk/art shop to stay overnight as he wanted around 8 pn...that's a couple of pints in the local pub or even better in the pub on the actual Easdale island.

12-10-2014, 16:40
For reference, Easdale near Seil on B844 feels odd and it feels like a few people are suspicious and don`t trust wild campers now, after a few bods have let the respecting ones down by emptying toilets and leaving rubbish and the like, on the road sides. Oban is also a strange place for wild camping, not many places there, except possibly a car park near Tescos, but have to be a late arrival. Parking anywhere near the eaters, e.g EE-usk or pizza place,where the boats dock (not the big ferries), gets full, and the road on the one way system(Corran esplanade) gets full of vehicles, with people staying in hotels and at night there is a lot of boat activity on the harbour, as well as racing wide bore exhausts, racing around Oban, in convoy until after one in the morning. Also there are loud fans from EE-Usk and the restaurant next door. If the weather has been rough Calmac ferries run until midnight, and one hears all the health and safety announcements from the ferry and the roar of engines. Small ferries buzz about, and large boats that Marine Harvest (a big local fish preparation establishment) use to bring fish on shore, can be unloading into lorries in the wee small hours. Also other big boats depart and dock all night. So one may think it`s quiet but at about 3.00 am the area can become a fish market or engines start up. Ganavan bay ( which used to be an RAF base is nice to spend the day on, it is just a sandy beach with not much activity though, but for those wishing quietness, it can get busy with children and families, especially in school holidays. You can`t camp at night there. The centre of Oban is very noisy and not many wildcamping spots. Norris fish and chips are nice at times.