View Full Version : The Queens Riddle .

23-07-2014, 21:47
Just before the latest cabinet shuffle , Dave Campbell had an audience with the Queen .

He asked how he could test his ministers for intelligence as the current lot had turned out to be useless.

" One usually askes a crafty riddle", she said and pressed a button on her intercom . " Send the Prince of wales in please "

2 minutes later, in walked Chazzer. " Charles, answer this riddle please . Your mother and father have a child who is neither your brother or sister... Who is it ? "

"Oh Mummy ... It's me," He said .

Next day Dave asks Clegg the same riddle . " Er , um, I'll get back to you on that one ,your lordship " . says Clegg

He asks all his advisers , Vince Cable , everybody..... But no one can supply the answer. On the way to no 10 he bumps into Miiliband .... Desperate he trys the riddle on him.

" Haw haw, it's me !" ,says Ed

Clegg bounces into the cabinet office " Please sir, I have the answer to the riddle ....... it's Ed Milliband !

"Oh you thick oyk!" says Campbell ....... It's Prince Bloody Charles !! "