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24-07-2014, 07:16
In a nutshell ;)


24-07-2014, 08:42
News where we are... 3 tired dogs, one tired wvw, one sunburned Neil, one fat puss cat enjoying wandering round the car park, several lost and chewed tennis balls, sand everywhere, a big bag of beach glass, shells and pebbles to craft with, another bag of large pebbles for the fish pond ...

It's soooo tiring being on holiday! Been in bed by 10.30 every night, too tired to post on my blog, asleep well before midnight with at least 9 hour's good sleep every night but still tired!

Neil reminded regularly about the 2pm meeting today, it's cloudy so hopefully he will not get engrossed in throwing tennis balls for the dogs on the beach to the point of forgetting all about it. It might be worth ringing him to make sure he allows enough time to drop Hamish off and get home on time.

Hope all invoices duly sent.... ;-) xxx

24-07-2014, 17:50
Made it back from the 'grey' coast no problem. As soon as I drove inland the clouds cleared and it was baking hot - as it has been since Monday. Jess, I suggest you move inland to get away from the 'long coastal cloud' ASAP.
Marie welcomed me back with a big hug and 'I missed you, darling' - fat chance....
Anyway, hope the dogs are getting enough exercise without me. :dog: