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n brown
24-07-2014, 17:16
my son just told me this
his mate just called round, looking a bit strained- my lad immediately sussed his mate's volatile relationship had hit rocks again,so sent a text to his girlfriend-
''daves just popped in,looks like him and her have fell out again and i'm in for another boring evening listening to the same old boo hoo bollocks !''
as he pressed ''send'' his mate's phone pinged !
''that's funny mate'' says dave'' i just got a text off you !''
that's right-pressed the wrong button !

my daughter was staying in a house with a number of other people. one day,there was a load of them sat around when one of them,a Scots guy ,noticed a phone on the table.
''looks like my phone'',he says,scrolling down,''but there's different names-hang on'',he laughs- '' listen to this one ! 'Boring Scottish W anker ' ! oh i have to give this one a ring !. as he presses ''dial'' the phone in his pocket starts to ring
he pulls it out ,and sure enough,there's my daughter's name !