View Full Version : Bath motorhome parking ( POI possible update)

01-08-2014, 22:51
Today while touring I ventured into Bath. First tried parking at the Park and ride but has restriction 6 foot barrier. I then made my way to the Riverside coach park. On arrival the signs said no cars but there was a council phone number. I rang them and asked if ok to park as I was 3m high. Lady on phone said it was only place that I could park (due to height) if I paid pay and display fees. I paid the fee of 8 for 4hrs (1400-1800) and off we went. On returning a coach driver chatted to me to say I was lucky I didn't get towed, he has seen many Motorhomes towed away !. I explained that I had spoke to council and they said ok, but he said he has seen more than once a MH towed. This is also a POI overnighting on the database and the sign says it is 2 for 2000-0800. Has any one experienced problems in the day? I didn't get a parking ticket but just wanted to pass on the coach drivers worries/concerns.

n brown
02-08-2014, 09:15
i would park opposite the Newbridge park and ride in the large layby. or turn to go to that campsite opposite,and drive past the entrance ,and go into the trading estate there and find a spot

29-10-2014, 18:39
Just to say, spent last night at the Riverside Car Park. One other campervan there, the rest all lorries. A visit to the local authority website shows this car park for coaches, lorries and campervanson only.

Pay period is from 0800-1900 during the day and there was a ticket warden on the car park at five past eight this morning.

Bit of a noisy spot but only 200m ish from the town.

30-10-2014, 08:06
Dirty, filthy? Not our experience, a town busy with students and tourists, but not exactly overcrowded.

Spa Baths expensive but brilliant for relaxing, had a great time.

Impressed an American knows the word 'poxy' and then uses it to describe themselves. Oh and us...;)

30-10-2014, 11:53
Coach driver talking rubbish I think. I've stayed there, and it did say OK on the website.