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22-07-2004, 17:23
Skipness is on the north east of the kintyre peninsula.Take b8001 ,then follow sign to Arran ferry,past the ferry the road goes to skipness which is a dead end,there are several places for overnighting next to the beach.It would pheraps be possible to stay on the ferry car park in winter because it is a seasonal service.

05-06-2005, 21:30
There are a few spots along the shore road ,but be warned the standing is not hard a few vans have been stuck ,ok after a few dry days.The ferry car park is gravel, parking in the middle to the back is fine as the sides are deep with stones if you stop on these parts you wont get going again.
you can watch the Arran ferry coming and going.
The best thing about it is you can get on the ferry and go to Arran

10-09-2006, 13:52
recently spent a night here in August. There were 2 caravans with awnings,one large frame tent and 3 motorhomes ( that included us) spread along the beach road. Great views towards Arran. We had been to Arran and were visiting Skipness castle before our tour of Kintyre.On the way back from the castle we chose "our" spot. Even though it was August and it was late in the day had no problem parking up. The water was even warm enough for a paddle and we had a BBQ on the beach.

16-01-2007, 22:19
:) When one leaves Skipness head for Cambeltown B842, you can pick up supplies there, then continue on 842 for Southend [10ml] pass thro village on your left is a large caravan park there is a public loo just pass the entrance you will see a lay by & some steps going down to them,there is water but a bit awkward as it is from sink tap, continue on about 1/2 ml toward Kintyre,as the road bends there is a very large carpark on your right have spent a few days here . there is a wonderfull bay [Carskey Bay] white sand for as far as you want. Last time there 2 season back spent 9 days with no bother from anyone.I aggree Skipness is a nice place with a few good walks, did anyone find the water tap at the community centre next to the school?

17-01-2007, 21:50
We parked next to the beach at Christmas,the ground was firm enough where we were,though there are some spots that need checking first before you drive onto them.

25-05-2009, 14:56
Spent a great Friday and Saturday night on Skipness "beach". Lovely place. Thanks to Snowgoose's earlier post we filled up with water at the community hall tap before we left the area. Local people were very nice. There is a toilet at the ferry car park. Many motorhomes there on the Friday but more tenters arrived on Saturday and late in vans struggled to find level spot. Skipness castle worth a visit. Seems to be open all night as we arrived at around 8pm no one around, we toured the whole castle inside and out, even inside and up to the parrapet roof. Very atmospheric at that time of night. lol. There is a walk across country to Tarbert from the Castle. We plan to walk it next visit. The castle is approx 2miles from the wild camping area on an easy walking, level single track road. It takes about an hour to walk there. Great jump off point for Arran. Another wild spot we stayed on thanks to the good people who post on this site.

Thanks again.

02-06-2009, 21:31
We spent a lovely night there on the beach road just up from the ferry car park. Worth noting is the seafood shack next to the castle..very friendly, good fresh food and not overpriced..well woth a visit before pitching.