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30-08-2014, 08:42
I've got a meeting in Manchester in a couple of weeks near Manchester Academy. I'm going to take the van to save a few pennies. I know there are a few wild camping spots in the POIs but I was wondering if anyone that knows the area a bit better could recommend anywhere (a) quiet and (b) in such a position that I could easily get a bus or train or whatever to the right area of Manchester (Devas street I believe it's called).

My experiences so far have been mixed - one WC spot (Saltburn) was lovely but the other (somewhere off the A1M) was quite loud and felt a bit dodge. I also get very confused by public transport and got asked to leave the bus last time I was in Manchester on account of only having a 20 note.

30-08-2014, 10:36
There is a pub stop in Rochdale called The Harrows , it's on a main Rd but will most likely be quiet (ish) after 11 . It's approx 45 mins to drive to your destination from there.

Others may have better suggestions , but I personally would NOT like to wild camp overnight anywhere near your destination.

If you decide to use the Harrows inbox me and I'll come and meet you for a pint.

I'd offer my drive but you'd end up rolling out of bed as it's rather steep lol

just jane
30-08-2014, 10:37
I know somebody who once overnighted in the car park right on Devas street, but it wasnt very succesful because her battery died overnight and she couldnt move rbefore charges started in the morning :o.

30-08-2014, 11:04
Thanks for info.
I was told by the company there was no parking there during the day so ideally need to be near a bus stop if I can. Maybe some more google maps time needed.

30-08-2014, 11:54
I usually recommend visitors to Manchester to park up in the Trafford Park village area. It's industrial/commercial and should be quiet overnight. The only thing to look out for is Man. U. match day parking charges on a few of the streets nearer the ground. You can take a bus from the village to near Devas st - sample timetable Traveline - Journey details (http://www.traveline-northwest.co.uk/journeyplanner/showJourneyDetailsPage.do?rid=1409398670106&hss=cRUei296291378)
Ask for a day saver or return ticket about 5. The day saver gives unlimted journeys on the bus companies buses you buy it on. If you may want to use a different company bus then you need a to ask for an All BUSES DAY SAVER which costs a little more. There are several combinations of bus+train+tram tickets.
The closer you get to Manchester the more difficult/dodgy the parking.

The village area is also a good location to visit the War museum north and the BBC media centre on the quays. Visitors can catch a tram from there to Manchester. Closer daytime parking is possible on Elevator Rd and Warren Bruce Rd though as they incline it's not the best place to overnight.

Mr B.

30-08-2014, 12:39
Good info thanks!

30-08-2014, 21:31
Awesome, looks like it's an away match that day! So as far as I can read from the road signs I should be able to park pretty much anywhere around the bus stop mentioned (second avenue/village way), sleep there overnight, leave it there during the day and get the bus in to the city in about 15m! And all for free - Simples!

@StevenJ: Wrong side of the city for me I'm afraid, I'm coming from South London. Doubt I'll get there much before 10pm anyway, too late for beers on a Sunday evening :(

31-08-2014, 09:29
Cant comment on overnighting as i dont overnight in manchester but i have stopped here in the daytime


Have seen vans in Ardwick green near the T.A .https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.472252,-2.226795,3a,75y,327.83h,80.31t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sF4F4vKxQbAlZnBQK4pfeDQ!2e0!6m1 !1e1

there is a car park near the O2 arena but maybe on the wrong side of town.
Tom's in Urmston maybe he has some spots in the Trafford park

John Thompson
31-08-2014, 12:46
This may help.

Search Results (http://www.tmcto.org/index.php/component/search_gmapfp/?Country=1766:United_Kingdom&County=440:Greater_Manchester&City=-All-&Categorie=-All-&Order=Newest&Modid=150-search-gmapfp&Itemid=242)

Some councils around Greater Manchester do not allow motorhome to use their car parks. They are marked by red X (Info from FOI requests)

31-08-2014, 14:24
This may help.

Search Results (http://www.tmcto.org/index.php/component/search_gmapfp/?Country=1766:United_Kingdom&County=440:Greater_Manchester&City=-All-&Categorie=-All-&Order=Newest&Modid=150-search-gmapfp&Itemid=242)

Some councils around Greater Manchester do not allow motorhome to use their car parks. They are marked by red X (Info from FOI requests)

Sorry John, just to clarify, are you suggesting I *shouldn't* park in the Trafford Park Village area?

John Thompson
01-09-2014, 07:15
Sorry John, just to clarify, are you suggesting I *shouldn't* park in the Trafford Park Village area?

I have contacted every UK local Authority using Freedom of Information Requests. Those councils that have replied that there is no parking for motorhomes day or night we have indicated by a red X. Those who allow day only parking (ie.ban night parking) are shown with a P symbol. Those that allow overnight Parking have a crescent moon together with the P. Only those where there are toilets and Drinking water available have a Motorhome dump symbol and these also allow overnight habitation. Some council will allow the vehicle to park overnight but it must not be occupied.

The POI that Chris produces on here indicates where members have found it possible to park overnight. The TMCTO map is the official council position. It is up to you to decide which to take notice of. You may or may not get a PNC if you park in a red X car park.

Some councils are very anti motorhomes while other will tolerate the odd van but will take action if the mick is taken. They have to prove that you occupied the van overnight and just what is overnight. The only ban on motorhome waiting is backed by a specific NO WAITING sign that indicates the hours of the ban. Anything else ids open to challenge.

The whole issue is up to conjecture as there is no specific reference to anything motorhome related in the Highway Code. So on street parking if other vehicles can park cannot be prohibited without the correct sign being displayed. Have a look at Motorhome Tourism Organisation :: Topic: Road Signs (1/1) (http://www.tmcto.org/index.php/forum/motor-caravan-uk-laws/454-road-signs). Off Street Parking is a different matter with TROs and Parking Orders.