View Full Version : Scotland. LR Loch Leven (N) 1 (B863) (Highland)

Ex Greeny
05-09-2014, 19:50
Parking restrictions, no overnighting. Please remove.

POI Admin
05-09-2014, 23:20
Thanks for the info, but could you give a bit more detail please?

I have stayed here myself, and it's just a layby. Was the notice 'formal' and quoting a traffic regulation order? Or was it just a notice erected by somebody as a deterrent?

Ex Greeny
06-09-2014, 21:19
It is indeed just a layby but quite large, opposite a cemetery where there is a water supply. There is an official sign stating that parking is limited to 3 hours and no return within 1 hour, it also states No Overnight Camping. How on earth is anyone going to enforce this in the middle of nowhere, I had to double check to make sure it was correct. I wish I had taken a photograph of the sign, but it is an official sign with a TRO. I obtained two barrels of water from the cemetery without any problems.

POI Admin
08-09-2014, 13:37
Thanks for the extra info - I've removed it from the Wild Camp POIs ...