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27-09-2014, 14:19

58.529276,-4.431461 Talmine camp site 'basic camp site'

This is now run as a paying camp-site.

In August we were charged 12 for motor-home, two adults and no electricity.
As a camp-site it would merit 2/5
I think it should be removed from the database.

Likewise 57.901875,-5.562436 Mellon Udrigle
Not 4 per night, but around 15, August 2014. and a very crowded site
Suggest remove.

57.504375,-4.275775 CR North Kessock - now has No overnight Parking, Aug 2014, remove

To add

54.729787,-1.424652 CU Wingate Nature Reserve. Quiet sheltered

And now that Tour de France has gone, from my local area I offer:

LR 54.374662,-2.033839 Low Row - The bus shown on street view no longer parks here. 'Gastropub Punch Bowl' 3 mins walk.

CU 54.379498,-2.077168 Gunnerside Village. Free overnight parking. Public toilets, Village pub (Kings head) nearby.

OR 54.375949,-2.07831 Gunnerside. Lay-by is off road by River Swale. The burned rubbish on street view is merely a reflection of the fact that photo was taken after bonfire night. Gunnerside pub, toilets 3 mins.

LR 54.376118,-2.141766 Muker 1 minute from Farmers Arms Pub.

POI Admin
27-09-2014, 16:35
Thanks for the updates and suggestions.

I've removed the first two from the POIs. The North Kessock spot was removed recently following feedback from another member.

I haven't added the Gunnerside village location because looking at Streetview I think people would have to park parallel to the road thereby taking up too many spaces.

Nor have I added the Muker spot - it's right opposite people's houses and they probably use it for parking. Beside there's a car park very near in the village anyway.

The others have been added to the Wild Camp POIs :D