View Full Version : FORT WILLIAM on A82 West End Car Park

05-10-2014, 16:30
Been watching this for a few years..When we parked in the West End car park (2011) in Fort William three years ago, to go and look at what was there, we returned to find a sticker on the van which said it was from the Highland council and hoped we were not thinking about staying over night in the car park as they would fine us 25.00.. Many laughed at us and told us it was illegal to issue such notices or stop you from wild parking/camping over night, and some said it must be a prank someone had played. The years have gone on and we have witnessed an explosion of motorhomes, setting their stall out, tables and chairs, steps, gas bottles and of course van, and the same vans have been there in the morning..We wondered how they were all getting away with it...or the council were making a lot of money daily by collecting their 25.00 fines, and so allowing it. The year is 2014 and lo and behold yellow signs have just appeared at the top end of the car park, it says. Highlands Council, no over night parking or camping. Coaches have always parked in this car park, and the council have got designated bays for them, but it must be banning them as well as the sign says no overnight parking. Also when biker rallies are on at the West End car park and they take it ove, their vans park and the occupants sleep on there. Suppose that's OK, they think, as they are bringing money to Fort William. Also, campervans, after signs have gone up, are parking down the bottom end of the car park, away from these signs and they think they are immune from the sign s message..It won`t work the Fort William council will be onto them.
So wild campers beware, there is some sort of conflict going on in Fort William between the council and campervan owners. We are not so daft after all and the original message on our van in 2011 was a warning..:hammer: