View Full Version : 3 places in Kendal

08-10-2014, 09:56
I submit the following 3 places:
New Road Car Park. This is common land in the centre of Kendal and is a free car park. Very busy during daytime.
54deg19min39.00 2deg44min37.00
Two laybys on the A6 going North out of Kendal. Both seperated from road by buildings or trees.
54deg20min46.00 2deg44min07.00
54deg21min00.00 2deg43min40.00
All of the above are already being used to some degree.

POI Admin
08-10-2014, 15:05
Thanks for the suggestions - I've added them to the Wild Camp POIs :D

Generally it's much easier to report latitude and longitude as degrees and decimals, such as the third spot which is at 54.349797,-2.727894 (note by the way that the longitude is negative i.e. west of the Greenwich meridian).

These values will then copy and paste direct into Google Maps/Earth or any other mapping software without having to worry about the symbols.

P McClure
08-10-2014, 15:19
Re: New road car park. Yes its common land. The car parking spaces are not marked out.

Quite often people park in what they think is a space near the road not realising that its the entrance/exit for cars parked further back near the wall.

If you do park up overnight, park near the road so you can drive straight out the next morning. Its a busy road so expect a lot of noise.