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14-10-2014, 18:12
http://i1162.photobucket.com/albums/q529/tezza81/57iGz8_zps8d28fdc0.jpg (http://s1162.photobucket.com/user/tezza81/media/57iGz8_zps8d28fdc0.jpg.html)

14-10-2014, 21:02
Si e' va' affa nculo anke tu,:mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1 ::mad1:

n brown
14-10-2014, 21:11
i don't even have to look that up,soon as i see 'nculo' i get the gist in any language !

14-10-2014, 21:43
Si e' va' affa nculo anke tu,:mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1::mad1 ::mad1:There is always some childish **** on here who gets upset over a joke and today it is your turn but I am not in the mood so **** off,

14-10-2014, 22:24
My friend it will take more than that to offend me, I took it in good humor, one thing I learned since I came to this country and it was passed on by a scotman, not matter what or how, ACCEPT the English way of life and that means their jokes/humor call it what you like, and I have heard all the jokes under the sun about the Italian army and the rest, as I said in the post I don't give a **** about Italy, this is the country I came to in 1966 at the age of 18, and this is where I like to be buried. Now take that as you wish.

15-10-2014, 06:35
Google is broken :( It doesn't know what nculo is :sad: :cry:

n brown
15-10-2014, 07:03
sorry Goosey,should have left the n off the front . it turns up in a few languages ,think cul de sac etc

15-10-2014, 07:40
Grazie, signor marrone ;)

I see the gender meaning is interchangeable. Naughty! :lol-061::rolleyes:

n brown
15-10-2014, 08:05
that's M'sieu Brun to you,oison !

15-10-2014, 09:25
Oo you flatterer! (said la mère de l'oie) ;)

I thawd we wuz in eyetalian mode aujourd'hui, lutin :D