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22-08-2008, 11:14
Hi, Does anyone have experience of motorhoming in Puglia? Any suggestions? Is the South of Italy as safe as the north?? Thanks!

12-02-2009, 00:24
Hi, right, don't be afraid of the south, i'm a southerner although i have resided in GB since 1966, we toured the area extensively back in 2004, when i retired with a view of buying a small place in Italy/France/Spain or Portugal but alas due to conflicting cultures ie the wife is a scouser(been married 40 years in november and i would marry her again if there is a next life) anyway i'm drifting off your question, we started from Pompei and travelled all the way east via motorways, to Massafra, from there all the way round the coast. I really cannot describe some of the places we stopped at, the jewel in the crown (for me) was the Gargano area. It is beautyful, but then beauty is the eye of the beholder. Do a bit of research on the area and you will come up with some good campsites, some along the miles long beaches, and i must warn you now the food is well words are not enough, try le Orecchiette most restaurants make their own, local pasta.

12-02-2009, 07:24

Last October we drove down the Adriatic coast from Bologna to Foggia,before heading inland to Pompei where we stayed on a site for 3 nights while visiting the ruins etc. We then turned north to Florence. While on the road we always stay in well lit areas of service station among other campers or lorry drivers. In over 20 years of using service stations / aires throughout Europe we have not encountered any problems, but as Granny used to say " there ain't any guarantees in this life".


20-08-2010, 16:27
Hi, Does anyone have experience of motorhoming in Puglia? Any suggestions? Is the South of Italy as safe as the north?? Thanks!


We have only been motorhoming for a year but we have travelled to the south of Italy (other side) at least three times now. We have a small place there and I can assure you I feel safer there than in the north. Probably because I have a place there and know the people but honestly the southerners are really welcoming and good with foreigners.

Let us put it this way, if I had young children now, I would feel happy there.


20-08-2010, 16:29
I can only say from my trucking days that it was beautiful down there and with the round houses with their pointed roofs, Wow:cool:

25-09-2010, 13:19
We are currently touring Italy for the first time. Just been through Puglia and am now in Calabria. There is a difference between the north and south. The south definitely has more litter which is unfortunate but on a brighter note it is easier to wild camp if you need to as there is less urban sprawl.

We have wild camped, used area di sostas (free and paid), and made good use of our ACSI card. It is coming to the end of the season now and most of the Italian sites are closing up. When were you planning on travelling? A word of warning you may be charged more at area di sostas than advertised in books like camperstop, this has happened a couple of times.

This site is useful as you can download area di sostas onto your sat nav (use google translate if you can't understand Italian):
Le aree di sosta camper, i camper service e i punti sosta per i turisti pleinair? Su Camperonline.it! (http://www.camperonline.it/area_di_sosta_cerca.asp?Nazione=Italia)

We have felt safe but have been security conscious, always locking up and keeping valuables out of sight.

16-11-2010, 13:07
We are currently touring Toscana and came up through the south from Bari, after Croatia. We had a nightmare initially as our sat-nav broke and only had a cr*ppy map for the whole of Europe. As Bari was our first experience we had quite a shock (it's noted for being a bit seedy in our guidebooks) with it's maze-like warren of roads and really poor roadsigns but soon we were in the countryside and we could not get over how friendly everyone was. We stayed at the parking site for the Castel Del Monte (for 9 EUR I think you get eleccy and a bus to the castle) to fix a leak and one of the attendants could not have done enough for us, supplying us with gaffa tape and wood to burn in our stove to dry the van out. Everyone we have met (with one exception) has been warm and welcoming.

As mentioned before, keep valuables out of sight but don't let the fear get you! South Italy is quite amazing and if you get the chance go and see Matera!

Worth noting that we are out of season so stick out like a sore thumb, (and are often believed to be German or Amercian :-s) but as always, try a bit of the language and you will be more than rewarded!