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22-08-2008, 22:37
Hi all
Glad to be here, thanks to steve4kay for passing on my PM to admin :D

Hope i'm not frowned on....as we (Lily my better half and Frankie my 1 year old) are hiring our motorhome 2nd week in Sept for a week, setting off from Hertfordshire via Cumbria & Scotland then on our way back through Derbyshire & Yorkshire... I have been reading all your posts etc and have picked up plenty of info/tips from the experienced.....

Any more gratefully received



23-08-2008, 01:27
you will not be frowned on at all, once you have hired i am sure you will invest in a van be it new or old. for what i have seen of the cost of hire for one or two weeks for a new van you will get a nice enough van to buy as the older stuff dont cost a fortune, anyway welcome and enjoi

27-08-2008, 12:05
Thanks Mandrake....yeah having never done it before, not sure what is expensive or cheap, 6/7 berth inc CDW 7 days cost 700:confused:
But hey we are determined to enjoy it and you never know i could be a convert...i tell you what is strange...i notice alot more MH's on the road now....its like when you get a new car and suddenly your model is everywhere.

Hope to spot a few of you guys on my travels up to Scotland via Cumbria around 6/7th Sept....just look for the guy weaving all over the road with JustGo.com stickers on his rig, that'll be me .:D:D:D


27-08-2008, 17:05
Hiya ,Tops , and welcome to the site:),I've read a few of your posts before reading your Introduction post and I like what I see, enjoy your hols and then your motorhome hunting:eek::D afterwards.