View Full Version : Going to be cold tonight.

25-12-2014, 15:59
Took mutley out for his last long walk as dusk was setting in. Cold sharp air and, frozen fog starting to form at ground level. Phone images, hence poor quality. Oh, zero degree at mine!

Merry Christmas, every one :wave: :cheers:

25-12-2014, 16:28
I know what you mean. It's forecast to get down to as low as 3 degrees tonight. I think that's the equivalent of -10 up there.

25-12-2014, 16:34
3 degree up here is same as 3 degree doon there, anything else is discrimination ;)

25-12-2014, 18:11
It's forecast snow and desuptive weather and down to 0 degrees tonight and tomorrow.

25-12-2014, 19:12
3deg at moment to go down to -1 and snow b/day,thats all i need:danger:

25-12-2014, 19:31
Have half a tank of water in mine ready for the 'off' tomoss. I hope it doesn't freeze up. Frost on grass now, expected to get down to -3 overnight.

25-12-2014, 22:20
sounds like the kind of weather to have some friction with the wife:wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wac ko::wacko::wacko::wacko:

26-12-2014, 06:11
I've just opened the curtains to see frost on the cars, if this was a working day there would be pandemonium on the roads. I don't know whether people in the Southern Counties just can't cope with wintery driving conditions, because they are not as common, or that cars and tyres have changed, but when I lived and worked in the North West I seem to remember getting around in far worse conditions than down here. I'm now going for cover in the cellar.

26-12-2014, 07:57
sounds like the kind of weather to have some friction with the wife:wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wacko::wac ko::wacko::wacko::wacko: Ive had friction all my married life .

26-12-2014, 10:40
Took our son over to Blackpool last night to stay with some friends ( no public transport and taxi wanted 150 for a 20 mile journey :scared: )

Saw 4 Gritters out on the roads and they`d put that much down you could see it on the road and hear it rattling as you drove along.

It was a very mild night and only got down to 5 celsius and was a little damp.

Seems to me like they put the grit down just in case these days and are sh*t scared of compo claims.

The only winners are the drivers called in on christmas day to do the gritting.

RoadTrek Boy
26-12-2014, 14:06
in the early 60's I worked for a Co where we had a reasonably large car park (Well it was large to us) for the punters, the surface being compacted clay, fine in the dry, ice ring when wet, made a brilliant skid pan! Lernt a great deal about handling a car with no grip, I reckon a skid pan course should be part of the driving test! :idea-007:

26-12-2014, 19:51
Got good a layer of snow here in cheshire (Northwich) and i live on top of the salt mines.

26-12-2014, 20:05
We have about 3cm st the moment and it's still falling.

26-12-2014, 20:10
Just bloody rain here.

26-12-2014, 22:26
no snow here in south wales ,but the wind is realy on one

27-12-2014, 07:12
Bright blue sky, no frost but a bitter wind.

27-12-2014, 09:51
Touch of frost overnight but gone now and just raining