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23-01-2015, 16:05
Apologies if it has already been posted.

23-01-2015, 16:46
Will keep eyes peeled.Nice van Hope it ends better for you than it started.


23-01-2015, 22:15
Will keep eyes peeled.Nice van Hope it ends better for you than it started.

Fortunately it is not my vehicle, it belonged to a member of the Motor Caravanners Club. I am just trying to spread the word.

24-01-2015, 08:58
Ive just shared it on my FB page hope it helps


24-01-2015, 09:07
I don't do facebook so can't see the van.

24-01-2015, 09:11
nice van ,not only the upsetment of the van going missing but all the contents . i do think owners ,especially with a newish expensive van/car should invest in a tracker system . it would help greatly with the recovery .

Home office data reveals alarming car crime statistics (http://blog.tracker.co.uk/home-office-data-reveals-alarming-car-crime-stats/)

i als think it brings your insurance premium down aswell .

ps i know its nothing to do with the orig post realy ,but hae a read through this little snippet from the tracker site above .


24-01-2015, 09:17
Police unable to return stolen caravan because it would breach human rights
Date: 31/07/2013 11:46:50
Category: Caravan and motorhome tracking
Author: Joe Elvin

A couple have been told that their stolen caravan cannot be returned to them, because it would invalidate the human rights of the gypsy family now living in it.

Police discovered the 30,000 caravan, owned by Kathleen McClelland and her partner Michael Curry, on a traveller site in Surrey 18 months after it was stolen.

Yet, telegraph.co.uk reports that they have no legal powers to return it to its original owners because there is no evidence that the current occupiers knew it was stolen.

The couple, who are still making monthly payments for the caravan, will now have to go through the civil courts in an effort to get it back. Such a scenario could potentially be avoided by fellow caravan owners by heightening security on the vehicle; for example, by installing a caravan tracking device.

In an interview with dailymail.co.uk, Mrs McClelland was understandably upset at the news.

She said: "Why should we have to pay for someone else to live in our brand new caravan? That was for our pleasure in our older years. The police said that removing the family would breach their human rights and that they would have to be rehoused before it could be seized.

"We spent all our retirement money on that caravan because we thought it would last us a lifetime. We're absolutely devastated. It seems as though no-one cares about our human rights."

24-01-2015, 09:30
disgusting isent it. mind you the pikeys would destroy it if they thought it was going to be returned to its legal owners . mabey that couple should default on there loan ,and then the finance company would have the headache of getting it repossessed i do know i wouldent have made another payment on the thing . . but another question regarding the vans theft . shurly they had it covered with insurance especially with it being new and worth that amount of money , then after all that time ,i would have asumed that the insurance company would have settled the claim so no money would be outstanding ,or very little anyway . but if it wasent insured then its the couples own fault there still paying for it .