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13-02-2015, 18:57
Take no notice of the post about st Anne's
St Anne's is cool with motorhomes / cAmpervans
We park on main rd near dog **** gardens !!
People must come from miles around to let their dogs take a dump right outside our window honestly the views are to die for ! The people in the nice big hotels must be enjoying the view whilst having breakfast !
Also some stupid arse keep fit fanatics do that bloody so called combat fitness at 7 on Sunday morn on the grass as if to say LOOK everyone I can do sit ups in the rain LOOK !!!???
Pissing arseholes go and do your exercises on the 50 mile beach in front of you you posing daft Pollocks
Yes being woke up at 7 on sun isn't nice by them going 1 2 3 all sodding morn !!
PISS off !!!!!!!!!!

14-02-2015, 18:48
Thats the best thing about camper vans and motorhomes when wilding if you don't like where you are parked it is easy to move somewhere else