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21-02-2015, 14:02
Tried to stop at the CR Bawdsey (Suffolk) POI location today, Pulled into car park around 10:00 am and was only vehicle there, Before I even got out of camper a voice yelled through a speaker "driver of blue van please leave at once or we will call security, this is private property and you can not park here", There is a CCTV camera and speaker on a steel pole in car park now but no signs saying no parking.

POI Admin
21-02-2015, 14:25
This is a puzzle.

It is clearly marked on OS maps as a car park, and a web search uncovers several references to walks and bird watching which recommend parking at the end of East Lane, Bawdsey.

Are you certain you were in the right place?

This is the Streetview image:


21-02-2015, 19:26
Yep, it was the right place as followed the POI on my satnav, Drove past the pill box and tower on the way in and parked on the right hand side of the car park facing the sea wall as there was a 360 digger and a dump truck behind some security fencing on the left, the person on the loud speaker was not happy with me.

POI Admin
21-02-2015, 21:56
Very bizarre.

If it is now private property, I wonder why there isn't a gate and signage?

Anybody local know any more about this?

22-02-2015, 03:53
It's a good job that you are not deaf. Perhaps 'Security' could have thrown a bit more light on the situation.

23-02-2015, 05:22
I regret not waiting for "security" to turn up now as would have been interesting to hear what they had to say, There was a Volvo estate car with an elderly couple with dogs pulling into car park as I left, Should have waited to see if they got the same treatment or it was just anti camper van stuff, I was upset at the time but I suppose it won't be the last time this happens so better get used to it.

23-02-2015, 06:50
or it was just anti camper van stuff.

Anti Campervan - the people who use that little road around to Bawdsey are getting fed up with Motorhomes / Campervans parking up there

23-02-2015, 07:13
Is anyone else in a position to nip down there in their motorhome and wait to see if security turn up and what they say ?

23-02-2015, 08:35
Hi We stayed at the other bawdsey cr this weekend, drove round to this one last evening on way home to check it out, There is a sign that says no overnight on the approach road we only stayed a few seconds as it was blowing a gale and cats and dogs were coming down as well. they seem to be creating a reservoir everywhere was covered in mud with lots of wire fencing erected around the area, no security arrived whilst we were on site. cheers andyjanet

POI Admin
23-02-2015, 12:45
Thanks for checking it out :D

I suspect this may have a connection with sea defence works in the area.

I will remove this from the POIs since it sounds like a poor choice to overnight at present anyway ...