View Full Version : Hamble-Le-Rice now no camping/overnight parking

31-03-2015, 12:17
New sign up - best remove from db

POI Admin
31-03-2015, 12:25
It was removed in February so the March POI release will not show it - thanks for the information :D

31-03-2015, 16:17
I posted a picture at the time. It's on the original thread notifying the change.

Martin P
03-05-2015, 19:53
9 vans in tonight

04-05-2015, 07:56
It probably had that many vans there at that time because of this - Cunard 175 - Maritime Photographic (http://www.maritimephotographic.co.uk/blog/cunard-175/) . I counted 10 there when I left marina. Wish I could join them but still waiting for our new van to be delivered!

Martin P
04-05-2015, 21:40
Hi Wint, no barriers still there. Did have interesting chat with a fisherman though who was there when a local parish councillor turned up to watch the new cruise ship going out. According to him she asked a van who was parked lengthwise to move over to make some room and was met with a barrage of abuse. He said she left muttering she was going to make an issue of it and a short while later the no overnight parking signs went up.
We did the arrive late and leave early thing but there was a total of ten vans in the end and it does look like a few were there for the bank holiday.
Shame because it is a smashing spot but it is clearly under a lot of pressure