View Full Version : First @ the 3 Counties Malvern

mark e
27-09-2008, 20:30
Anybody else going to the 3 counties showground, malvern. Next weekend 3-6 october. Caravan and motorhome show, with free camping !

mark e
06-10-2008, 21:40
I take it nobody else went to this weeks show then ?

I really enjoyed looking at the 2009 models both caravans and motorhomes, and general camping stalls. There must have been about 2000, units there.

Lots of happy people buying new caravans and campers and picking up bargains.
I bought some new levellers and some grip mats, for when i get stuck again

A lot of people with quiet generators , some with loud generators, but i was in a lucky position (quiet). Some campers watching theyre leisure battery consumption, with one reading light on

All in all a good weekend for 14 pounds. Cant wait for the next one