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18-04-2015, 20:22
Hi Admin,

Just back from 12 days on West Coast of Scotland, predominantly Skye. Made a note of some POI's before I left and would like to make some observations. Slapin 3 is a passing place, albeit a wide one, but nonetheless a passing place on an unsighted bend. Also, Tarskavaig is right in front of someone's house, and Ord is at the bottom of a small driveway and again, overlooked by someone's house; I don't think either of these will endear us to the local community. Just my thoughts.

I have noted some other potential sites and will put them through to you for consideration when I have a bit more time. I don't have satnav so will need to wander up and down GoogleEarth roads to pin them.

POI Admin
18-04-2015, 23:16
Thanks for the observations.

I have removed the layby at Slapin which as you say is a passing place.

The other two spots I don't see as a problem.

At Tarskavaig the parking area is some distance from the end gable of the house you mention and is not overlooked directly.

I have stayed at Ord, and this is a long way from the nearest house which is also at a much greater elevation.

All feedback is gratefully received, but my job is made much easier if the exact name of the POI is quoted.

19-04-2015, 07:03
Never had a problem with Tarskavaig or Ord, which, after all, is often littered with boating equipment.
Of course I may have found it easier as I was known to be working at Sabhal Mor and used these spots rather than driving back late to Dunvegan

19-04-2015, 13:24
Just my thoughts - I will choose not to use them.