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16-12-2005, 09:52
Hi all,

I'm new to the site and very new to motorhomes. My partner and I are about to purchase a Peugeot Expert van which is big enough to sleep in and to throw our mountain bikes and other outdoor gear into without having to squeeze it into a car boot.

We don't plan to convert the van, although we are going to put in insulation and a roof vent for ventilation. We like to keep things simple and so don't want the normal 'luxuries' that you would expect in a motorhome. The idea is that the van will provide an extra option from basic tent camping when the weather is particularly unkind. We have quite a bit of experience of backpack camping, but mostly in warmer climates and we wanted to make the most of all the British seasons.

Anyone have any experience of this very basic motorhome idea and any pearls of wisdom to share?

16-12-2005, 10:30
Welcome Gaucha

That sounds just the job (metal tent on wheels) To me it don't matter what you use as long as you enjoy the great outdoors. So welcome to the site and look forward to hearing about your adventures


16-12-2005, 20:43
Hi Gaucha,

Not saying you should follow my route, but your bound to get some ideas from my website at http://soh.me.uk

18-12-2005, 11:38
Thanks for the welcomes. Loved the site Averywildwildcamper - doubtless we shall be taking up some of your tips.

We finally bought the van yesterday. Today is going to be spent fitting the roof vent, then comes the insulation.

Hopefully the first trip will be a short trial run in January. I'll let you know how we get on.

19-12-2005, 16:45
Hi I went the same route with my BedfordRascal coverted just as a basic camper one step up from a tent , with fold down stove /sink and a water tank(10 lter plastic jerrycan) as long as it comfy and has the basics (water and stove)you can live in it :)
as I run alot in the lakes/dales so neaded a basic campervan
The beauty of a basic van conversion is that you can just park up and nobody bothers you(looks just like a parked van!)