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donkey too
04-05-2015, 18:48
Anyone stopping at the Ram or nearby on the week end of the 30th please have a look in at the Fun Day being held on the Sports Fields (just along the river from ram and across the bridge over the locks and you are there.) It is a great free day out especially if you have the kids with you. Loads of fun things from Last man Standing and spider wall, Bouncy castles slides and real tractor that kids can drive. A circus entertainer and great food and eats stalls. There are also a great range of very good craft stalls as well as a National award winning face and body painter who also does temp tattoos and hair feathers. Sand art and sherbert art. ZORBS for the old and young alike. Bar on site, something for everyone and all in a good cause. Crohn's & Colitis UK.
This is being run by my daughter Abi who a lot of you know and she would welcome anyone along. Plenty of free parking at Brandon sorts and leasure center IP27, UK
52.445820, 0.615501 (no over nighting here yet but we are working on it)


04-05-2015, 20:24
Thanks for that Bruce - I've got nothing booked yet.
I'm off on a couple of my cheap, 5 night, Park Resorts breaks from the 10th and 17th - 5.60pn including EHU and use of facilities:cool1:

donkey too
05-05-2015, 06:53
Hello John, have a good time at all those bars. I here those holiday camps are banning Guiness????:D
Will be good to see you and the other load of P@ss artists again. Sadly I am no longer allowed alcohol Nora Batty, My Nurse forbids it. I do have a small Tullamore of an evening when she has gone though.:cheers::cheers:
I do not think I shall make any meets in the forseable future but will definitely be at Abis fund raiser and the Brandon meet in July. The NHS has started to employ Halal Butchers as surgeons now. O anyway one would be excused for thinking so if one had a look at my belly after this last lot of butchery. Sadly I spend three quarters of my waking time just laid out in a recliner now. Most frustrating, but am getting through a load of books.
give my best to all the blokes when you see them. Miss them a lot specially Rubber Tramp, Rob, Flyby (who I hear is changing his handle to smelly), Vern etc.
Still trying to get the Sports Centre here to allow overnighting, there is an ideal bit of land down by the river whiuch they havent used for 20 odd years. But like all councils, it's like banging your head against a wall. They are masters at passing the buck.
Cheers mate

05-05-2015, 15:47
Banning Guinness:mad2: Mind you, at the prices they charge, it would save me a few quid:lol-053:
I didn't realise you'd been so ill - let's hope things improve a lot for you - the Ram must have noticed a drop in takings:lol-053:
See you there:cool: