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31-10-2008, 18:48
The area of rough ground that was used by motorhomes at Cap Gris Nez has gone,

The car park has also been moved.If you follow the road past the cars where there is a height barrier, at the far end is an area with parking for buses and high vehicles.

No restrictions, We spent the night there with 5 other vans. There is not a good view as there was at the other place , but the parking is level.

They are altering the paths around the cliffs. At the moment there are not as many places to walk , but this might alter when the work has finished,

31-10-2008, 19:37
In the whole area restauration works are going on. And yes the (very windy) parking lot on the top has been moved. The parking for MH is smaller now and the view across 'the ditch' has gone. But you can still park overthere before the barriers towards the Canal-traffic-post.
A little further > Wissant, the meadow near the coast (plage du Chatelet) at Tardinghen is closed for overnight but there is a small P next to it (4-5pl).
If it is very windy you still can park opposite the café in Framzelle, or try the 'aire naturelle' "Fleur des Champs" on the D249 at Tardinghen (5€/n) N 50°51’23” E 01°39’05”, you can have services (same owner) and park at "Ferme de l'Horloge" 1615 Route d'Ausques, N 50° 51' 45" E 01°38’56”, Same owner
has another MH-aire at Sombre (halfway Wissant > Cap Blanc Nez) "le Fond de Sombre" 50° 53' 37" N 1° 41' 23" E
Parking could also be possible on the D940 > Escalles (near Sombre) N 50 54 7.3, E 1 40 58.1.
In Escalles itself (under Blanc Nez) is an 'aire naturelle' ”Les Erables” rue Château d’eau.17, 25pl, 8€/n(el 3€) N 50° 54' 43.2''. E 01° 43' 10.56''.
I don't know if the parking in Wissant, Avenue Georges Clemenceau (near D940) is still available (P+services:7€).

01-11-2008, 15:03
There are signs to the aire at Wissant. We did not have a closer look.

01-11-2008, 15:48
There are signs to the aire at Wissant. We did not have a closer look.
Glad to see Wissant still exists for it ist the only place where you have a bakery around the corner. Also the municipal camping (Camping de la Source)at the other end of the village is (was) a good place. If you have to fill up with water there is a spring next to it on the street.
Wissant is right in the middle of the 2 capes. It has a nice sandy beach
(Wissant is derived of the flemish 'witzand' -white sand) and lovely walk over the beach to either of the capes (watch out at Blanc Nez -Blankenes-for you cannot climb the chalk cliffs when the tide comes up :eek:).
This is really a nice region; and you have the first, or last, view of the 'white
cliffs of Dover' ;)

25-02-2009, 09:19
At Cap Griz Nez you could also camp here just for the night :

N50 55 28.8 E1 42 37.9

It is the entry road to the beach just past the houses and before the traffic signs that regulate the access to the beach.
There is plenty of space as there is also a dirt road leaving to the left.
And there is no traffic, unless the cars that go to the beach parking (where you can also park during daytime)
Of course do not arrive at 18.00 hrs - this is just to sleep for "one" night only.
And during high season you may have a policeman at your door.

Anyway if you find that you disturb, it is better to leave and I confirm that the camping "Les Escalles" also mentioned by my fellow countryman is an excellent camping ground. Last time I paid just 7.5 € (one peron - one camper).
I do of course also prefer not to pay but if tariff is reasonable and the views are great ... why not.
And the view is great from there. You can see all the ferries crossing and the lights of Dover. And during summer there is fresh air at this altitude.

By the way, if you are in the area.
About 25 km away, just south of Boulogne lies Equihen Plage. A very beautiful spot. The cliffs are different : greener and darker. A nice stairway takes you to the beach.

You can stay overnight here :

N50 40 45.5 E1 34 06.4

This is also a paragliding start if the wind is westerly and not too strong. Then it will be busier until sunset but ...there is something to see.

Veel zwerfplezier.

25-02-2009, 09:23
Regarding Equihen Plage, I wish to add that the campersite is adjacent to the local sewage station.
It does not bother me as my nose stopped functioning a long time ago.
And I never heard any negative comments.
This just be complete.

25-02-2009, 13:56
Thanks for the add
You'll find more here:
It could be some of these items are no longer up to date, don't hesitate to correct them,

03-11-2009, 17:32
There are now signs saying no motorhomes after 19.00 in winter,22.00 in summer, not sure if it is enforced.

03-11-2009, 18:02
You can park at Cap Blanc Nez (the other one), right at the top on the other side of the road to the main car park is a road going up to a restuarant and comms mast. There are a few spots near the bottom and a couple levelish spots at the side of the track. Fantatic views of the Cap and out to sea on both sides. We stayed there in August before we got the ferry home the next day from Calais. Blew a gale and its very exposed but really liked it.