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24-06-2015, 08:00
We had a lovely time in Tiffield last weekend and they have asked us back for the weekend of the 10/11/12/13 of July staying in the main event field for this.
Summer Rock n Roll in the garden. 12 July 2015. | The George at Tiffield (http://thegeorgeattiffield.co.uk/event/summer-rock-n-roll-in-the-garden-12-july-2015/)
The Pub The George is very welcoming and there are other events outside the village with the bikers, will post details once I have them ...
It is all for charity and we paid 10 or above for our stay I am sure this is what will be happening this time as well ...
Sorry not clear but very busy just wanted it up as it so close to the date :) will confirm details next week ...

24-06-2015, 15:49
I've booked, what a great place, friendly locals,:lol-053: fab beer brewed in the village,:cheers: very accommodating landlord, :bow: even reduced the beer by 20%for us!:heart:
Thanks for introducing me, Motorhome Mike!!:king:
Loved the Rock&Roll Jive Club with a proper dance floor:rockroll:
Small village, Big community!!:have fun:
What a refreshing surprise!:wacko:Phil have you booked it as a pub stop?:idea:

09-07-2015, 19:35
Well after being away for 8 months travelling Europe and Morocco, we get back to the UK yesterday and stop for the night at Greywell " Fox & Goose"
A friendly face welcomed us Mike "MykCamper" who also happened to be staying the night!
Well after a few beers or more and a good old natter, the seed was planted by Mike and we will be there tomorrow:wave:

11-07-2015, 16:02
Field is open, had a warm welcome from Korky and Russ the landlord. Anyone else venturing this way?

11-07-2015, 20:29
Sadly can't make it this weekend:sad: It is a great pub and last year's R&R was brilliant.