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06-11-2008, 20:45
Winter in Scandinavia

(this was posted allready in another thread, so posted it also in this one)

It will be hard for wilding in a MH. in wintertime in Scandinavia.
The climate in Danmark, southern Norway and south Sweden (Skåne) is fairly moderate (= Scotland) so no special problems.
But once inland and more to the north it can be icy cold.
Beyond the polarcircle it is night alltime over in winter(and very cold -20°C – but bearable for very dry)
First of all learn to drive on snowy roads (only highways are kept icefree, they don't sprinkle salt but sand or gravel).
Have wintertyres mounted.
You even could be fined if you get into trouble with our normal (summer)tyres.
You can hire snowtyres and/or chains in major places like Göteborg, Malmö.... Instead of chains there is also a system available: a sort of nylon bag to be wrapped over the wheels.
In most places inland Sweden and Norway parkings are equiped with plug-in- sockets to warm up the engine wilst parking. You certainly must buy such a warming-up equipment for after a night at -20°C you will never get an cold engine running !
Warm up the battery by putting the lights on for half a minute before ingnition. No problem: for you will have to drive all time with the lights on.
Another problem is heating your van. Most of the day you will have your heather on meaning a high gas consumption. You should have propane, butane remains liquid at -5°C. Sweden and Norway have different gasbottles than the rest of Europe. You certainly will have to buy a Scandinavian bottle (and expander). LPG (gaslow) is very rare in Scandinavia. Have an electrical heather with you and plug in whenever you can.
Not to many campings are open all year round. Public water taps will be closed when freezing. The watertaps in petrolstations are placed in a heated cabin.
Of course warm clothing, pull’s, snowboots, gloves will come in handy.
If you dare to go you’ll see the most wonderfull sceneries so it will be worth wile.
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