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13-11-2008, 12:44
Hello everyone, I would like to go fishing around the whitby or scarborough area next week anyone got any ideas of pubs or places I could camp for the night? does anyone know about the sandsend carpark where you can fish straight off the carpark wall? thanks very much

13-11-2008, 13:31
- and by the magic of the search button I give you - fanfare and roll of drums


More info there than you can shake a stick at - or a dead Conger for that matter :D There has been a few updates so it is reasonably accurate

robert b
13-11-2008, 13:54
you can fish along the north bay in scarborough and park there as well sometimes it fishes well parking is free this time of the year. theres a decent place called the bulge near sea life centre. or you can fish on the pier but it gets a bit crowded at weekend.you can park in sealife centre car park nice pub opposite. dont no a lot of parking area in whitby but fishing is good .

16-11-2008, 13:11
Hi have just returned from Whitby on the 15th of this month, Whitby is crap for overnight camping there are signs all over. But if you come in on the 169 Pickering road above Slieghts then you can park in one of 2 car parks (Blue Bank car parks), definately no signs up so I doubt if they could legally move you on. Secondly We went to Sandsend and there we met a fellow motorhomer who fishes there from the car park all the time. Water available in the toilets by the way but no camping over night. Paul did tell us one site which is at Cowbar just past Staithes, right on the cliff tops and quiet....