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21-11-2008, 08:36
The most beatiful villages of France (151 of them) are united in a chain.
All of them are real gems; medieaval marvels worth visiting.
Most are in the south of France: the Languedoc, Auvergne and Province.
Nearly all are motorhome friendly; not all have an 'aire' but most do.
They are shown on a special edition of the Michelin map of France. There is also a booklet with information. If you collect 5 diferent stamps of these villages you even can have a prersent.
I didn't do all of them, but the ones I visited where worth it (e.g Pérouges, Lyons-la-Forêt, Baume-les-Messieurs, Ricquewihr....)
An idea for your wanderings in France ! Worth doing :)

Tony Lee
21-11-2008, 10:26

21-11-2008, 11:20
Incroyable pour les Français, n'est-ce-pas ?:confused:
I cost them a rib to go that far :o:D:D

Tony Lee
21-11-2008, 20:19
On another forum, Jim (I think) was commenting that the UK has really missed the boat when it comes to attracting motorhomers and that France in particular had the game all sewn up. This site is yet another reason why. Another is the willingness of the French camping car organisation to send the POI file of all their nice spots to anyone who asks.

Here in Australia, we don't have the problems of finding wild camping spots that I found in southern UK, but there are still enough towns and shire councils here that make life very difficult - so the CMCA - the main Motorhome organisation - have a campaign to get towns to designate themselves RV Friendly by providing parking and dump points and displaying a distinctive sign at the town entrances. Hasn't been going long but now the RV-unfriendly places do get a real bagging on the various forums and the friendly places end up with a significant amount of extra business from those who linger a bit longer than normal.

22-11-2008, 19:57
Have you also seen the "Ville Fleuerieu" (spelling is a bit naff on the last word) signs on the entry to a lot of French towns and villages. Its an annual flower display and competition involving the whole town - well those who like flowers.

Some real gems.

22-11-2008, 20:14
Right, these are (flower)gems:
and this:
... mais tous les deux en Français seulement (only in French) :eek: but nice pictures, and some idea's ! :)
(you may say everything about the frogs, but they sure know to handle tourists to visit la belle France)

22-11-2008, 20:17
Oeps, but this link will do better

01-05-2009, 12:14
One village that is worth a visit is Limeuil in the Dordogne.

It is one of the most beautiful villages in France. It is on the confluence of the Dordogne and Vezere rivers. It dates back to Roman times, And at one time was under English rule.

Plenty to do there canoeing trips etc. There is also an aire but for water vidange you need to travel about 7 kms to Tremolat which is well worth a visit too.

Other attractions in the area are the Caves and the homes built into the rocks.

Well worth a visit