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21-08-2015, 18:56
Hi guys, first post and have to say the forum and the app have been great on my tour round Scotland. And I live here.
I dropped in to Fort Augustus and the recommended spot has got new signs up saying no overnight parking and cars only.
For those who don't mind paying for a pitch, the old camp site is now shut and the new one doesn't allow dogs. I counted 3 caravans in the new site. My dog was devastated because Fort Augustus is a fantastic place. For dogs and humans. I appreciate that some people don't like dogs and the mess they make, if humans allow them to.. I saw an elderly man staying at John O' Groats caravan park pick up his dog poo with a council issue green bag then throw it into the field. He got a bit nasty when I challenged him so I sent a photo of him and his dog to highlands council. Its because of people like hime tbat some camp sites don't allow dogs and why councils put up signs in areas saying no overnight parking.
Rant over.
There are some great pubs in Fort Augustus and the chippy does a fine kebab.
Perhaps its time for an FOI to all local authorities to ask why they are putting up signs up which contravene the right to roam act.
Maybe this has been done already.
Sitting in a beautiful spot now near Oban. As recommended by the app. Well worth the money.

21-08-2015, 20:09
I parked up overnight in Fort Augustus just the other night. Those signs have no meaning and have been removed in most places in the Highlands now. Some have been replaced by NO UNATTENDED PARKING signs.


21-08-2015, 21:03
1979. Sailing a Westerly Centaur through the Caledonian Canal I stopped at Fort Augustus. I went into the Lovat Arms Hotel and had a few drinks. I foolishly asked for their best whisky and woke up the next morning in my bunk cuddling the remains of a bottle of MaCallan 18 year old malt. That's when the rot set in...

POI Admin
21-08-2015, 21:06
I dropped in to Fort Augustus and the recommended spot has got new signs up saying no overnight parking and cars only.

The signs are only advisory unless a Traffic Regulation Order or By-Law is explicitly referenced.

Is that the case at this location?

Martin P
21-08-2015, 21:56
The Fort Augustus chippy is awesome and his deep fried haggis is out of this world