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Norfolk Jim
07-09-2015, 15:59
Hi chaps.

We are due up north in our T5 Leisuredrive camper next week and are intending to visit Mull.

There seem to be a few sites on the island but wondered if anyone could recommend particular sites?

We like somewhere quiet away from kids and young noisy groups - just somewhere peaceful or suggested Wild spots........................

Just tow of us mid 50's and enjoy hill walking and beach walks away from madding crowd..............................:)

Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Roger Haworth
07-09-2015, 16:54
Wild camping on Mull

There is an "official" wild camping place at Calgary N56.57664 W6.27752 There is quite a narrow entrance but a smallish van can get in fine. Toilets just over the road. Lovely beach.

Nice spot by the Loch Na Keal N56.47742 W6.00529 Very wild.

Waste ground just outside Bunessan N56.31714 W6.23244 Good pub in the village very short walk

Waste ground by old Salen Pier N56.52447 W5.94107 Nice sea fishing place,

Norfolk Jim
08-09-2015, 18:53
Thanks folks - sounds good.

Looks like after couple of days in Lakes we'll head on up and cross either first at Corran or round and down to Lochaline. Sadly Mrs won't go on the ferry from Oban as takes too long and she hates boats so I've done well to get Lochaline crossing for 15 mins.

Looks like it's going to be grim for the forecast next week but hey there's no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing................lol

08-09-2015, 19:10
There is a great spot next to Eos Fors waterfall on the west coast....just a bit north of Ulva Ferry. Overlooking the sea loch out to sea.
Anothe spot on NW Mull driving east from Calgary just as you take the bend south. Again fabulous views over the open sea out to the Treshnish isles
South Loch na Keal camping layby may be open, but was being used for the hydro project last time I was there and I didn't fancy sharing with a helicopter!
Oh so many places!
Fidden, on the Ross can be sublime.
It is a big island so don't try to go everywhere?

If you want to do a wildlife trip, David Woodhouse of wildlife Expeditions is superb, as is Turus Mara and Sealife Surveys.

Have a great time.

08-09-2015, 19:47
Uisken bay on the botom leg best wild camping spot i have stayed at right on the beach down a narrow road right to the end you pay 2.00 per night to an olg guy in the croft . Been all over Mull this is a must stop but don't tell anyone

08-09-2015, 22:02
I totally agree with Uisken.

A few years ago the area by Eas Fors had boulders across and nowhere to park, not sure if this has changed.

09-09-2015, 08:43
I'm on Mull at present. As has been said, no end of lovely wildcamping places but if you want to be on a site and are maybe co sidering a visit to Iona or Staffa (Fingal's Cave) then the Fidden Farm campsite may be worth a look. It's signed down the road past the free car park at Fionnphort.

Note: at Fionnphort, use the Free car park - why bother paying? It's only an extra 100m or so.