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27-09-2015, 21:15
Are there any wild campers out there in the wilds waiting for the Blood red spectacular, a few of us are up at Keepers Pond moon spotting perfect skies for it.3406034061

27-09-2015, 21:57
Am looking at it in Northern Spain but don't think I'll be up late...take pics!

n brown
27-09-2015, 22:00
in Bristol cursing the bloody streetlights

27-09-2015, 22:05
Actually, lots of street lights here too...it was quite amazing earlier. 🌝

27-09-2015, 23:59
Im here at the overland show still camping waiting with the camera.

28-09-2015, 00:57
I'm at home in front of Computer but keep popping out into the garden for a look, super clear skies here in Southampton but cold out ,1 -56am .

28-09-2015, 01:50
At SEitD and can't sleep body is objecting to the alcohol abuse its had this weekend, best view is from the toilet compartment but if I had been prepared I would have cleaned the window

Sharon the Cat
28-09-2015, 02:58
Moon was very large & bright at 3am (I think that was the time). At 3:38 it was deep orange/red and I was stood out in the garden to look at the stars. Probably one of the best night skies I've ever seen in this country.

28-09-2015, 03:11
I stayed up all night but at 3.35 just as it completed the sky clouded over and we lost it.but still up waiting for another glimpse

The Camper
28-09-2015, 03:35
I have just got home after getting up at 3am and out to take some pics and now off to bed :)

28-09-2015, 06:22
I noticed the massive moon in a clear north bristol sky at 1930 last night. Very cool.

28-09-2015, 09:35
http://i1272.photobucket.com/albums/y392/DoctorLime/Gifs/Random/tumblr_mfdzphk1Xd1rmtsx0o1_500_zps74258e2a.gif (http://media.photobucket.com/user/DoctorLime/media/Gifs/Random/tumblr_mfdzphk1Xd1rmtsx0o1_500_zps74258e2a.gif.htm l)

28-09-2015, 09:47
Are there any wild campers out there in the wilds waiting for the Blood red spectacular, a few of us are up at Keepers Pond moon spotting perfect skies for it.3406034061

I saw this thread and I thought it was about me, gutted now lol

28-09-2015, 11:03
stayed up till 3.30 am watching the Moon , lovely sight well worth the effort, I have only just got up 11- 45 am to a lovely sunny Autumn morning and just had breakfast , tough life but it has to be done hee hee.:)

28-09-2015, 17:34
Didn't realise Coola was up as well. Really good view of the moon, and clear skies so stars as well. Not much of a photographer, but these might give some idea. 3407634077

28-09-2015, 19:19
OOh Annie,

You should be with us here in The East Algarve.

Wonderful velvety evening, sitting outside as the hot day cools down.

Thought it was a huge orange hot air balloon rising above the eastern horizon.
Spectactular !

Polar Bear
28-09-2015, 19:32
Using binoculars sat and watched it in the garden with nearest street light a mile away - 3 till 4. Eerie sight - not as good as the moon tonight here on the east coast though.

28-09-2015, 20:13
As I have mentioned in Rutland Bash posting. I watched it from Lyndon Top and that is a great place to see it as the lights at Oakham are the nearest and it otherwise perfect for night sky watching. The moon was quite spectacular from there.

28-09-2015, 22:02
Gutted - set my alarm for 3am only to find thick fog and nothing to see in the sky :(

28-09-2015, 23:02
Got a great view of the lunar eclipse from near Glasgow.
Its been a great couple of days for peering skywards, one of the best sunsets Ive ever seen this evening.