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14-01-2016, 16:37

14-01-2016, 17:23
See if anyone can help with this. A... - Meridian Tonight | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/meridiantonight/posts/991667507560988:0)


Reward for return of pensioner'''s vintage camper van | Meridian - ITV News (http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2016-01-14/1-000-reward-for-vintage-vans-return/)

I don't mind streams and small rivers, but fording the Thames is asking a bit much, don't you think?

The laird
14-01-2016, 17:29
Hope they get caught and chop their Frgn hands off and some,dirty baha,s

14-01-2016, 17:38
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14-01-2016, 18:39
Its bound to turn up being a old odd ball ,but sadly they may have trashed it .

14-01-2016, 19:01
I really hope the poor guy is reunited with his camper, he clearly loves it for all sorts of reasons.
How on earth can the crooks sell it on, it is pretty rare isn't it?

Jack Russell
14-01-2016, 20:03
See if anyone can help with this. A... - Meridian Tonight | Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/meridiantonight/posts/991667507560988:0)


Reward for return of pensioner'''s vintage camper van | Meridian - ITV News (http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2016-01-14/1-000-reward-for-vintage-vans-return/)

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14-01-2016, 20:34
more than likely being broken for very valuable parts ,unfortunately . supprisingly that can be dismantled fully, even the panels if good that are virtualy unobtainable can be removed without too much trouble by the pros . if he gets it back with minor dammage it will prove expensive to repair but lets hope he has a agreed value insurance just in case . its worse than a new van being stolen atleast that can be replaced easily that 400e is probably irriplacable. just been on the owners club site and no report seems to have been made

14-01-2016, 21:09
There have been two of these stolen in Kent in a few days???? who wants one except to repair another, too distinctive. There is another beautiful version at St Margarets on the way to the Dover Patrol Memorial , It is blue though. So there must be more around if there are/were three within an hour of me here. The old boy that owned the stolen one in Kent has had it since 1966 and used it all over Europe. He is braver than me and my newer Tranny.

14-01-2016, 22:39
that 400e ford thames is more than capable of european travel ,its more than likely maintained 110% and the thing is if they go wrong its a simple straight forwards repair no fancy electronics ,handfull of spares and basic spanners and screwdriver job,i bet that guy knows that van inside out every rattle and squeak after owning it for what 50 years ,probably as good if not better than it was new . ok some parts may be difficult to obtain but others will be easy .i had a cf1 bedford and in the years i had it it never let me down once or failed the mot even lived in it for nigh on two years .the modern cars i have been pains in the arse this e60 bmw525d i have now is nothing but **** always some computer glitch with it .the seat alahmbra i have is a bit better though . and the rotten lousy c class merc 250d i had i shall say no more about exept my rover 200 was far superior ,untill i reversed it into a concrete post that is