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donkey too
24-01-2016, 13:10
A chicken goes into the local library, up to the counter..
and says to the librarian..."bok"!
The librarian gives the chicken a book,, then the chicken goes home.
Next day the chicken comes in again and this time says "bok, bok"!!
The librarian gives the chicken two books, and off if goes home.
next day the chicken is back again. This time it asks for "bok, bok, bok, bok, bok!"
"That's five books!" the bemused librarian says. She gives the chicken 5 more books and the chicken turns to leave the library.
This time the librarian decided to follow the chicken, keen to find out how this chicken is reading books so quickly.
The chicken arrives at home goes inside. The librarian looks through the window of the chicken's home, and sees a poorly frog tucked up in bed. The chicken gives the books to the frog......

the frogs looks at each book and says......

"Reddit, reddit, reddit!"

n brown
24-01-2016, 20:16
funny ,but i never look at reddit !