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17-02-2009, 11:28
Greetings from Belgium.

There is a very lonely, but lovely, spot - end of the road - here :

N54 41 03.4 W3 02 45.2

It is difficult for me to describe the exact routing as it is some time ago.
It is actually at the end of a very lonely tarmac road, just across the last stone bridge.
It is probably 3 km past the last house.
When I was there there were some hikers who camped along the beck.


17-02-2009, 12:23
thanks for the information
Welcome to the wildys
keep posting

17-02-2009, 14:04
Is that Mosedale Beck? Not really lonely then, it's only about a mile from Keswick!

18-02-2009, 08:07
Checked it out on Google Earth last night - Guess what?

There are 2 Wildys on the Satelite picture!! Just shows, there's no escape from Big Brother.

See if you recognise yourselves.

Welcome to the sight Rogerde - nice spot.:)

18-02-2009, 09:30
Thanks for all comments.

Here is one more spot which is particularly useful for campers that cross the channel with one of the last boats and want to head north:

It is here :
N51 45 11.5 W0 21 19.2

This is the parking of the Roman Museum in St.Albans.

Useful indeed because when you arrive late in Dover there is not very much traffic on the Southern and Northern Circulars which allows you to get to St Albans in time for a good sleep.
And in the morning the M1 North is just a couple of miles away.

The parking is very spacious, quiet and safe, apart from a couple of cars where they are clearly working late at the future of humanity but that does not disturb me.

In the morning some buses with schoolchildren may arrive for the museum - a bit noisy but further more a pleasant start of the day.

I never had problems but maybe my van does not look very much like a standard camper.

I post this here because I am not very familiar with all the counties and shires in England ...

As to the Mosedale place it is really lonely ... I am a paraglider ... and I had a good overview.

Wishing you all a good "zwerftocht" (flemish for ramble ...)