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ian and wendy
04-04-2016, 16:17
Hello all,

We decided to move on to Crete a few days ago so headed down to Gythio, as we could not get any details on the webb. We had been told there were two ferries every week. Got to the booking office, no ferries till at least 27 April.
So we moved down the road to a camp site where the lady informed us it was best to go to Athens as the Gythio ferry runs when it wants to until the high season. That's why you cannot get details on the internet.
The joys of Greece.

The free ouzo is great.

04-04-2016, 17:39
We got the ferry from Gythio to Crete last year. We wanted to book a return but the lass in the shipping/travel agency said "oh, they haven't got next week's schedule out yet, pop into an agent in Crete and book it then" On Crete we discovered there were no ferries back to Gythio for the foreseeable future so we had to go back to Athens which was a pain because we then had to drive all the way back to the Pelleponese! We only went to Crete to see some old friends, if we went again it'd probably be easier to fly.
There was no camping on board on the ferry and they were turfing folk of the couches who were trying to sleep. Not our best ferry crossing. Crete was nice though, as always :)