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ian and wendy
17-04-2016, 13:36
Hello Again

Here are a few more places.

This is a wooded area by the beach,there are private signs up but every clump of tree's had either a tent or van in it. There are two drinking water taps. I'm not sure but I think you may have to pay in high season as there where two caravans by the drinking water. No photos N37 degrees 22'07" E21 degrees 41'10" near to Elia on the Peloponisos.

Mistras not ideal but if you are visiting the old city half way up to the fortress gate is a bus car park okay for a night. First coach arrived about 9.

Here is one place we where told about but did not use.

Areopoli main square N36 32'31" E22 23'26" we stopped for a coffee but did not stay the night.

On the Mani( middle finger of Peloponisos) we did see a couple of places for wild camping but we used a Taverna carpark by the oracle of death.



Malia port area not far from the Taverna and cemetery very quiet.

Tholos beach told by one of the expats this beach is quiet all year.

Plaka beach by Spinaloga we parked up on the end car park for a couple of nights. We have met another couple who used the same site , they told us the police had come and had a look.

The only time we have noticed the police is when they drive by waving and smiling.

Water is along the road sides in Crete.

Grey and black water are a more difficult to get rid off. So we have pulled into campsites for that, not that many are open until May.

Have fun all