View Full Version : refused to fill up LPG in Italy?

14-05-2016, 12:23
I am just following a thread on a german forum about fitting of refilllable Gasbottles and tanks.

Some members are convinced (and claim to have been refused) to be unable to fill up LPG at the petrolstation.
Apparently the italian LPG is lower taxed for use as propulsion only and the petrolstation will get fined if they sell it for other use.

Is anybody who has recently been in Italy able to comment?

14-05-2016, 15:05
Happened to me around lake Garza last year once. Drove to next garage and filled up no problem. Didn't seem to be a general problem last year

14-05-2016, 15:23
Just spent four weeks in Italy no problems with that. They don't seem to bother about rules and regulations judging by there driving skills but that's another issue.

14-05-2016, 15:28
Thanks for your answers. I guess I will be able to report back over the next 6 weeks without having problems

14-05-2016, 18:20
I am really surprised if the Tax on motor use is cheaper than that for other uses. It has to be the otherway around surely.

POI Admin
14-05-2016, 19:03
I was refused earlier this year so I tried another garage who were happy to help.

The attendant spoke good English and it seems that LPG may not be used for cooking or heating. That ties in with what you have read elsewhere, Teutone ...

14-05-2016, 21:47
Whats wrong with the Italian way of driving may I ask???, I have been going back home since 1972, in cars at first and then found the joy of campervans, I have never had any issues with their driving habits, and still don't.I.find some of the British habits appalling but I do not say nout about it, 85% do not seem to know what an indicator is for or fecking use it. Italians may drive fast that is a way of life and that is why they produce/make some of the best and expensive sports cars in the world, I 'm more wary of the French coming right up my arse to overtake and use dangerous tactics in bends to say the least.

14-05-2016, 21:51
And the post about the LPG I was refused a refill 12 years ago on two motorway service areas, as I was not classified as a PSV or a Taxi, but my nephew in Florence took me to a dealer that had no qualms as to what I was driving and refilled my bottles.

John Thompson
15-05-2016, 09:05
I was refused at the first station over the border from France on the coast route in January 2012 I filled with diesel and then pulled to the gas pump. I was told it was not for cooking.

We went to the next station along the road and there was a guy filling up who spoke English. He had a word with the attendant and we got our tank filled up. It was a good thing as we were using gas for heating as if it was going out of business as it was minus 11c and snowing like mad.

15-05-2016, 14:12
Even in England I avoid filling Diesel and LPG at the same petrol station. Call me paranoid :-)