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01-07-2016, 17:09
Whats up Gove, Looking at the various candidates to head the Conservative party Gove certainly seems up to the job. He is fully behind the brexit vote, wants Australia style 5 point test for immigrants, wants to restrict freedom of movement base on said 5 points.
His colleagues seem to think that as a back stabber he does not deserve to win the race. However in my mind making it clear he did not think Bojo was up to the job did us all a favour.

If Bojo had the balls required to do the job he would not have with drawn at the first serious criticism obviously his heart was not in Brexit and nor was he strong enough, Ms Angela Merkel would have walked all over him and stomped on the remains. Should Gove be pilloried for pointing out the obvious?

Teresa May was quoted a saying Sharia law is good for some Brits. (REALLY?) One minute she is leaving the ECHR the next she is staying, that would mean we cannot deport persistent offenders to country of origin.
A strong woman she maybe but that lady is for turning so not the one for the job in hand. Who does that leave and the answer is not a lot unless we are ok about losing the NHS. What am I missing there must be something glaringly obvious, Mmm maybe T BLIAR will change sides and try for the top spot again, ha ha.

Jeff G
01-07-2016, 17:28
This is a woman who voted against all pro gay legislation but when asked about her views on Question Time a week after becoming Home Secretary,said she had changed her views,presumably to keep her new job.Wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her

01-07-2016, 17:39
I would not brag about falling in love with Mr Gove.

01-07-2016, 17:47
I would not brag about falling in love with Mr Gove.

Mrs Gove did . I think .

Just looked her up , very scary