View Full Version : CR St Margaret's at cliffs - Dover - kent. No overnight parking signs

08-07-2016, 19:17
Dover patrol monument car park and approach road now covered with no overnight parking signs. :cry:


Signs are proper council highways dept metal backed reflective signs and look to have gone up in the last few days. Fresh earth and chalk round the post.

08-07-2016, 20:13
I was not aware of those and there is not an actual traffic restriction fo it that has been published in the paper either, I know they are still on about the Esplanade and Walmer seafront, but that has been going for a year now without actually coming to fruition. The roads up to the monument are not council owned and are unadopted so why has the sign gone up. I think NT might be the origin of them but will find out more. The land for the memorial was given by Lord Granville who owned the area.

08-07-2016, 20:30
Wasn't sure of the legality of the signs, hence the photo, was hoping someone local like yourself would know more about it. :) Am using the spot on cheriton hill tonight instead. No probs up here!

dr dave
08-07-2016, 20:41
I wonder what 'overnight' means when does this period start and what time does it end. hence they are stating nonsense. if you move your vehicle at anytime within this period whatever the period is means you have not parked overnight.

09-07-2016, 09:14
Short email to the council with a copy of the photo embedded in or attached to the email. Ask what authority has been used for the signs, what PCN Code will be used for the contravention. If the council denies responsibility then they will probably tell you who - National Trust (?) for example. In that case follow up with a similar email to them.

Will you publish the results please? That's always of interest.

My impression is that the pace of the erection of these signs is accelerating. I know this impression is unpopular but we must question all such signage. There seems to have been quite a lot in the last few weeks.

Quite right about defining “overnight”. Try to enforce it and the council would find it difficult and, in my opinion, impossible. Starts when, ends when, must be all or part of an undefined period - impossible.

09-07-2016, 10:43
Word had it that if these signs do not have the regulation number shown, they are not legal. Or you can deal with them as described several times in my previous posts.......bit of a nuisance, but you can continue to park anyway............Steve, bristol.

09-07-2016, 15:59
We were there last night after evening crossing.One other van was there.
One of the locals talked to the other people saying that they were having problems with people using the area as a toilet.Also because it was a private road, the residents had to maintain the road.
Anyone who has been here knows that the road is not maintained.
Because it was late we decided to stop.8more vans came in overnight.
I agree it is very vague as to how long you can stop,a lot of people just stop a few hours waiting for their ferry.
If we had been earlier we would have gone to Canterbury but that shuts about 8.
Although the road is unadopted the area at the end is open to anyone to park up to walk on the cliffs and go to the cafe.