View Full Version : Devaig, Isle of Mull

04-08-2016, 16:54
This spot now has a height restriction barrier of 2metres

POI Admin
22-08-2016, 14:02
Is this the spot you mean?

Google Maps (https://goo.gl/maps/DRzAqn9Pk4t)

16-10-2016, 11:53
Bummer, that's a great walk even if you don't wild.
Doesn't surprise me though, found the locals getting rather testy with tourists.

16-10-2016, 12:22
Good walk but there are much better overnight spots. There really is no need to overnight in places like this.

POI Admin
16-10-2016, 13:02
The original poster didn't confirm the location, so it's not clear where the restricted car park is located ...

16-10-2016, 15:00
That peobably is the spot as it is the only restricted height barrier near Dervaig. Been height restricted for a couple of years at least though. The trees have been harvested so it is quite barren now.

POI Admin
16-10-2016, 15:46
Thanks for the information. I've removed it from the POIs ...

17-10-2016, 05:51
Three week ago I was on Mull with my mates, one of whom orginates from Mull and, his brother is a well respected Mullion. In the Mishnish having a get together with other locals, some made comments re: amount of motor homes on island during the summer, negative comments were about MH owners dawdling along with queues of car behind them, no courtesy pulling in, to let cars and vans pass. Not a big deal you may say, a big deal to locals trying to pry their trade getting from a to b.

New applied RET appears to be the contributor for increased MH's touring island, which is great, let's not spoil this by pissing off locals.

19-10-2016, 10:52
Ah, been 3 yrs since we were on Mull, did a photography course there, some lovely stones and fungi there. Wonder if the stones survived.
Got married there years ago and had our reception in the community hall. They did us a great spread. But even then they were grumbling about tourist's sadly. I do get the whole pulling over thing and the locals have to get from a to b and we saw some shocking driving, perhaps something on the ferry would help.
Some poor woman got into a reversing nightmare on the road around to treshnish when she met a lorry, has made me a bit nervous of taking our newly acquired van over there until I'm more proficient in reversing it lol

P.S. what's a RET?