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06-09-2016, 17:24
We have just dropped into Northern Italy from Austria over the Passo stalle and the very first town that we came to (Bruneck Brunico) has one of these LTZ zones. (60 Euro fine, apparently)
We were trying to get to our first campsite for the night.

Had no warning ASAIK.
My wife spotted it, because I stopped at a pedestrian crossing, just as we were entering the town. (The sign was tiny and you certainly couldn't read any exclusion times.)

I had to do a hasty retreat, which was a bit awkward.

We were hoping to get to Lake Como and head towards Venice, but it's going to be a royal pain if we have to keep our eyes peeled all the time.
It's easy to avoid toll roads by selecting it on our sat nav, but we can't do that with these ZTL zones.

Can anyone enlighten me or have any tips?

We may have to retreat back into Austria and Switzerland. I don't want to end up in the situation where you can't turn around and get a fine.

06-09-2016, 17:52
I have replied to somebody else on here regarding these zones, I have visited Germany in July August and have gone through many places where they had warning signs, even my garmin camper actually warned me, but let me tell you what a German bloke told me in Feiburg, the german police will not try and really catch you , they have severe problems with immigrants of all sorts, he actually called them names that I do not wish to repeat on here, I know some people get worried ie, signs that oblige people to be legal regarding bylaws, the same applies to those square fiamma rear cargo warnings, since 1974 I have yet to meet anyone that has been done /fined for not having one abroad, I was In Italy when I noticed cops behind me, my son spotted them and he was worried we were going to be stopped as I had 2 bikes on the carrier without the said warning, they followed us for while, I decided to stop and have a coffee at a service station, they stopped as well and that is when I thought I get done, but guess what they were not in the least interested, they stopped for coffee too, so the morale of the story is if it worries you then do what the bylaw requires, as for me, well I even get away not paying on the Swiss motorways, but that's another story.

06-09-2016, 18:02