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15-09-2016, 23:20
Still no idea of this is N.I. only but can;t find anywhere else to stick RoI info :-)

Firstly - Ireland is a dream to campervan around; nobody gives a hoot where you park up. Well, there are a few places with "no overnight camping/sleeping" etc signs but to be honest you may as well heed them as there'll be somewhere else within a very few miles if not minutes! We were just outside of main holiday season which may have helped but overall I'm not really sure it would make much more difference. Even the tourist info people at Duncannon said to just park anywhere "even on the double yellows down to the beach" !

So here's a brain dump of a few places etc we stayed...

Cockle Strand, Co. Wexford - this is exactly what was suggested to me elsewhere ... find a small road leading down to the water, and at the end there'll be somewhere to sleepover . Bang On. Its a left turn off the R736 when heading west then follow it to the end. TBH its not very picrturesque even hen the tide is in, and "it isn't much of a strand" as the fishermen we met there said! But its convenient enough for coming off (or waiting for) a ferry at Rosslare. There's a tiny park up area by the water, or just back from it some scrub land adjacent to a warehouse type place which is where we stayed. Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/j8prams)

Hook Lighthouse - just parked up on the ground between the wall and the "cliffs". Several other campervans there too. Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/gtjdzhr)

Duncannon - first we were going to camp on the beach, but we moved to the slip road down to the beach in the end as we were insure of the high tide level with a gale coming. Pub and a restaurant < 100m away (no noise), tourist information immediately adjacent. There's a cold water beach shower and public toilets here too, just the other side of the strand tavern. Local shop (opposite strand tavern) sells coffee and what seemed to be hot bacon rolls etc Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/h933fl7).
It also seems you can probably also park up at the harbour here Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/gp3w3bh)

Newport and Guillamene swimming club, Co. Waterford - we swim and had gotten a tip of a great place to swim. In the end we didn't because a gale was coming in but we did stay in the car park here. There are toilets opened here every morning until evening looked after by the swimming club, and the club "office" may be open around lunchtime for a cuppa if you are so disposed! . The car park is used by local youths at night it seems although they didn't bother us and were not a nuisance. The car park is situated west of Tramore, just east of the "metal man". Google Maps (http://tinyurl.com/zr38ph9)

Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow: we actually stayed in a holiday park here, "Hidden Valley", as we needed a shower ... but we were also doing a 4Km swim on the Sunday at Glendalough not far away and just wanted an easy base. However... Rathdrum Rugby Club is adjacent to the campsite and there seems enough space along that lane to park somewhere... you'd probably also get away with parking at the rugby club I suspect. If you did that I can't see what there would be stopping you walking into the campsite and using the showers, which operate on a token system (1 token = 1 euro = 6 minutes) and the tokens are sold at the shower block, separate from the office. I leave that decision up to your personal ethics :)

Kilmour Quay, Co. Wexford - suggested by various people here we spent our last night here. The first two car parks have signs about no camping/sleeping overnight etc, but just carry on through past those and pat the memorial gardens and a third carpark appears which ahs no such signs. there's a small supermarket a couple of minutes troll from here that is obvious to see and find. http://tinyurl.com/j2977o7
In fact we moved back into the village as the weather was pretty blowy and just parked beside a shop that provided a wind break. We were leaving at about 6am so was never going to be a problem - and it wasn't.

These are just where we stopped over, or (Rathdrum) saw obvious options. We passed plenty of other places where campervans and motorhomes were staying over - the little working harbours seem a decent bet for example for sheltered places to park up.