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18-10-2016, 05:43
Off to Scotland tomorrow and fancy a couple of nights on Skye not been there before so would value a tip on a couple of nice place to stay in a 7.5 meter van. Thanks

The laird
18-10-2016, 05:52
4753147532We stayed on a car park with loads of other vans beside the hotels on the left as you come off the Skye bridge.theres a few hotels ,pub,short walk to harbour,shop with provisions .no charges apply.will try to post loc ref and pics

18-10-2016, 05:57
End of the, road beyond Dunvegan Castle (toilets and water in the village local)

Or down near the harbour at Staffin Bay (water tap down at the harbour)

http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182757.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182757.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_102428.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_102428.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_101955.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_101955.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_173106.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_173106.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_091621.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_091621.jpg.html)

POI Admin
18-10-2016, 14:30
If you have a look at the online POI Map I recommend the following:

LR Ord (there's a tap very near too). South of Broadford with wonderful views, right next to the sea.

LR & OR Lub Score. Northern tip of the island with wonderful sea views.

18-10-2016, 15:51
Thanks a lot pictures look great geting excited will end up at Falkirk in a week and a half,again thanks fot the tips

The laird
18-10-2016, 16:58
Thanks a lot pictures look great geting excited will end up at Falkirk in a week and a half,again thanks fot the tips

See you there Martin regards Gordn

18-10-2016, 18:41
Can recommend Staffin, beautiful place. :wave:

18-10-2016, 18:45
Can recommend Staffin, beautiful place. :wave:

AND thankfully free of hordes of folks when we visited....
Searching for Dinosaur footprints was fun.. and cracking sunset over our own private beach lol...

http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182613.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182613.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_101710.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_101710.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_183316.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_183316.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_101655.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160927_101655.jpg.html)
http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l72/spellcaster69/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182609.jpg (http://s93.photobucket.com/user/spellcaster69/media/Scotland%20Oct-Nov2016/20160926_182609.jpg.html)

18-10-2016, 21:12
Skye was busy with Tourists, also lots of Motorhomes last week. Be careful about choosing a pull in as you will be likely to get a Tour Bus pulling in (most are Minibuses though). You can get some nice views though.


19-10-2016, 21:34
We stayed at Elgol a couple of years ago. Stayed at the harbour.
The road down and subsequently back out is a tad steep and I think if the road was wet I would of struggled. But it is stunning and there is a tap on the jetty and loos up the steep hill.