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Wind Dancer
18-10-2016, 21:17
I have had the most wonderful time in Scotland touring the Highlands and Islands, for 4 fabulous weeks. :drive:

One of the highlights of my trip was meeting Brandyman, his wife and his son, and I would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to them all.

I had two visits to Orkney, on my way too and from Shetland. As soon I messaged Merv to tell him of my plans to come to Orkney, he was straight on the case to make sure I was well looked after. He told me how to source the best ferry deals, and where to wildcamp convenient for the ferries. :welcome:

He checked in with me frequently to make sure everything was going well for me and that I got the most out of my visit. I let on to him that since the ferry crossing I could not get my fridge to light again. He quickly called up a local garage and arranged for me to go there. As it happened I was not able to get sorted there, so he sent the cavalry to me! I got a visit from a delightful man who sorted me out in no time, and Merv kept in close communication to make sure all was well.

Getting the fridge fixed was a huge benefit for me, as apart from my own supplies for the wilderness, I was also collecting a bulk pre-order of a raw & frozen dog food on Shetland, and it needed somewhere to go!

Orkney is a really fabulous place to spend time, and the weather was Great! :cool: :banana: Every place I visited was amazing, and I was also lucky enough to coincide with the Orkney Blues Festival where I saw some great acts - and accidentally walked into 'backstage' whilst the very handsome (and charming) headline act was warming up ;) :bow::cool:

Thank you again Brandyman and your family, for all the hospitality and kindness extended towards me. It was very much appreciated, and made my visit all the better by far.

& the Collies :dog::dog:

The laird
18-10-2016, 21:23
He really is a fantastic character as is Gladys.The history he can tell you and divulge is truly jaw dropping some of it just is amazing.i thank you merv again also
Regards Gordon

18-10-2016, 21:37
He was equally just as helpful and entertaining to a whole load of us that went across in June and he helped make it a fantastic experience, a true gent.