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19-10-2016, 15:29
Got to the Algarve today stopped at manta rota had planned to be here for three weeks but it's the first time we've been here in four years and it has got huge, not really bigger but packed 97 vans here yesterday there are 4 rows with plenty of space but only one dump point and the French mafia have taken over the whole front row facing the sand dunes and have spread themselves out the management positively encourages long term stays one guy has cut bamboo made a fence and created a garden at the side of his van , others have their van with a trailer at the back of their van and their car in front , originally the aire was allowed just for the winter months it has been such a financial success for the council that it is year long one guy hasn't moved in three years , cost now is 4:50 + either 2:5" for 12 hrs electric or 5 for 24 unlimited water etc but the wonderful beach is still there Molly thinks it's heaven4757547576

19-10-2016, 16:11
All Portugal is heaving with the French this year, currently in Monsaraz and there are ten French vans for one of every other nationality, I'm told it's because they're not going to Morocco?

19-10-2016, 18:49
That's what we were told as well also why are they always in convoy at domingos 7 came in together looking for parking, is Dave still at Monsarez in the huge chieftain tell him I've finished those books has he any more,