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26-10-2016, 08:08
Hi all. My parents motorhome was stolen in the last few days from Clackmannanshire in Scotland. They are absoloutely devastated as they saved up and bought it for their retirement. It may be being sold with an oxygen blow up awning. It also had a white combi tv and a thin memory foam mattress. This is the only picture I have at the moment but I will try to get more. Any information would be massively appreciated. Thank you for any help. Please share xx


The laird
26-10-2016, 08:52
Dirty scum bags,transit with roller logos will keep eyes open sv57klm easy reg to mind klm

26-10-2016, 09:24
Never good to hear of these thefts, more worrying when it is in our neck of the woods!

Will keep an eye out for it.

26-10-2016, 09:30
Just found this on my FB page and posted it on MH Facts and MH fun to give a bit wider publicity.

26-10-2016, 10:50
Mine was stolen in early June this year and never recovered,I think because the tracker was jammed. It bothers me that these thefts are happening more than daily,if it was a cash or jewellery robbery of similar value* the police would be on the case with a lot more effort that handing out a crime reference number and expecting the insurers to 'pick up the tab',consequentially premiums skyrocket.
* BTW my vehicle was 50k as were many of the most recent thefts,and I am only 30 minutes away from a ferry.

Roger Haworth
26-10-2016, 11:59
Most of the thefts seem to be of Transit based vans. Does anyone know whether Ford is doing anything to make its new vans less steal able?