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29-11-2016, 14:23
Trying to choose an insurer to cover MH purchase this weekend. Quotes vary from 233 all the way to 845.00!
Does anyone have experience of Lifesure?
Also the same for Drive 365 Breakdown Cover
Both claim they are MH specialists, as I have read quite a few tales of people in need being confronted with tow trucks that are not 7m MH capable. Not what you want in your hour of need......
Clearly we all hope not to need to make claims
However, it would be comforting to hear from anyone with claims experience, with any of the companies.
Do you feel you get what you pay for with regard to insurance and breakdown cover?
Example, would you pay 388 with no breakdown cover to be with NFU? Breakdown with others ranges from 69.50 to 135.00 with LV/Britannia
Or 330.00 inc EU breakdown with AIB

Will be glad when the endless phone conversations re licence, UK residency, claims and convictions etc are all over and the insurance is in place
Do we split hairs too much now we have more choice??
Back in the day we just walked into town and the broker sorted it for us
Thanks in advance

29-11-2016, 14:37
Try Safeguard Motorhome Insurance | Safeguard UK (https://www.safeguarduk.co.uk/motorhome-insurance/?aff=ppc/Google/Branded/Safeguard_Motorhome/_Safeguard_motorhome_Broad&gclid=Cj0KEQiA6_TBBRDInaPjhcelt5oBEiQApPeTFwH104CX B900WgaJ-cXGy8rWeaFNcv7VyRvwczgVBpkaAgVa8P8HAQ)

Full 365 day European breakdown cover included as standard.

I tried most of the others and always end up going back to Safeguard as have many many members on here.

29-11-2016, 14:39
Another Happy Safeguard customer. Try using the WC discount with AIB?

29-11-2016, 16:00
Yup Safeguard for us too, was slightly dearer that AIB but been with them for a number of years. We also used their AA breakdown service about 12 months ago, no worries on that count.

29-11-2016, 19:27
And another satisfied Safeguard customer, used their AA breakdown cover for a 7.8 metre MH no probelms at all.


29-11-2016, 19:47
I switched to lifesure this year, I've yet to make a claim so I can't comment on that side of things but the policy cover, provided by AXA is excellent, it gives 180 days comprehensive european cover. A number of other companies only provide "country specific minimum cover" which I interpreted as third party.