View Full Version : Carry on Camping ( our 1st trial run !) Wildcamping in New Romney.

11-12-2016, 09:37
Well we have not long been back from our 1st trial run,everything went really well other then,firstly i put the little plugin stopper that goes into the carver panel outside,but i didnt screw the stopper up tight enough,so when my wife put the water pump on , water was gushing out so i got soaked, luckily for me my wife spotted what i had done wrong. At the same time the boy had turned the bathroom sink tap on before we had turned on the pump and forgotten to turn it off, so my wife ran in to turn it off and the shower hose started spraying and soaked her lol !! Then my wife decided to put the tele' on, she did an auto search which came back saying no channels found, she asked me to try which i did and still no luck, after all these events we decided to go to the Chippy over the road. We came back and started eating, missus was moaning coz it was getting close to Eastenders time and she didnt want to watch a DVD and was on the verge of making me go out in the dark to set up satellite dish, when i asked mrs bloody intelligent, have you plugged the aerial in the back of the tv?! She started to smile and giggle before admitting she hadnt............ due to all the commotion apparently she forgot!!!! So tv was on , Eastenders was on, heating on ,kettle on and the rest of the evening went lovely.
We awoke at half 7 ish had nice cup of tea looking out to the Sea, followed by a good old Bacon Roll!
So we are now home thinking where do we go next,also considering Snowdonia in February.

That was our 1st night away :D

11-12-2016, 11:04
It sounds like you've had a fun time so far! All my campervan soirees have turned into an adventure of one kind or another but I can honestly say that they've all been such fantastic times. There's nothing like these beasts for making you think on your feet.

Carry on enjoying and follow your bliss! :)


The laird
11-12-2016, 11:08
Defo sounds like you had a hoot,the first time were away it was like something out of carry on camping,
A wee tip for the future if you are leaving the veh parked up turn the power off for the water pump incase anything is left on or goes pear shape,just a habit I got into.

11-12-2016, 11:08
sounds a bit like fawtly towers, have fun.

11-12-2016, 12:13
Well the thing is,this may of been our 1st little voyage in this motorhome,but we had one before, so you would of thought we would of learnt from that lol:raofl:
I put this down to new Motorhome,different bits n pieces, but it was our proper first bit of Wild camping,thats my excuse, but after all the little mishaps, it was well worth it and we cant wait to do it again. We were thinking of Snowdonia in February, but now we are thinking of going to Snowdonia on our Anniversary in April, but we will be doing some more wild camping before that!!
Thanks for the replies.

PS Mellisa, we read your little story about getting stuck in the mud earlier, very funny, probably not as funny for you there and then, but to read it, it was very entertaining!!

11-12-2016, 13:24
So it's not only us that things like this happen to!! Enjoy your travels.