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05-01-2017, 21:55
Has anyone else been ripped off by these people ?
I bought camping cheques on there silver card 13.95 each I had 20
I used only 8 next year I didn't go to Europe when I tried to use them was told they are only valid 2 years from issue but apparently it's 2 calendar years I bought them in August so to the end of the year 4 month & 12 in the following year then they expire was told I'd lost my money
Also they have now changed the system to Base in France & everything is now done in Euros
I never use them in the UK but was nice in Europe if one got caught short on power or left it to late in the day to find a wilding spot or purely just for a few days break
I've just joined the caravan and camping club don't know if this will benefit me but like the idea of the very small sites
Again only if I'm stuck.

06-01-2017, 08:07
Some people love them, we were once nearly talked into them by a couple who thought they were great ,but glad we didn't heard more negative than positive . Just a shame that you lost money expensive lesson learned but I'm sure we have all done it one way or another. My House is full of impulse buys that I now know I didn't need, but we live and learn.

06-01-2017, 08:21
Many moons ago we received some FOC with a CC Ferry booking. We did use a couple, but they were for, all singing dancing campsites and we don't like such sites! Too Big and too impersonal!
If we do use a site, it would always be an intimate, small Municipal Site, which are usually quite friendly!
We would never buy them!